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TELEVISION's Coolest Mother Speak about Her Encouraging Role

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TELEVISION's Coolest Mother Speak about Her Encouraging Role


Andrea Navedo, who plays Xiomara Villanueva on "Jane the Virgin," tells us what to expect next season.

The last we spoke with Jane Villanueva and also business, the enchanting heroine's brand-new (like, brand-new new) partner Michael showed up to have been killed. But in a show like "Jane the Virgin" that has lots of doglegs, obtaining its layout from telenovelas, it's potential that the kindly heartthrob lives on in Period 3, which broadcasts Oct. 17.


Jane's mother, Xiomara "Xo" Villanueva, has a winding story arc of her very own. Last season, her complexity with Jane's superstar daddy fizzled favorably after it ended up being clear that the two essentially disagreed on whether or not to have even more children. Andrea Navedo, who plays the character, talked on the phone with The Huffington Message concerning just what to anticipate from Xo in the upcoming season.


She additionally touched on the show's political bent, which has actually veered toward problems formerly untouched by sitcoms, like the Bechdel Examination and also the individual disasters that could go along with stricter immigration plans. Between seasons, Navedo created as well as carried out in a remake of a prompt play, "Other individuals's Money," which features a personality that she describes as "sexist, racist, misogynist, and so forth. He was a Wall Road trader. Obviously Trump enjoyed this play a lot."


Below's hoping that Period 3 of "Jane" discovers a means to smartly bring issues surrounding the upcoming political election into its whirring story, too. Listed below, Navedo speaks about her "encouraging" function, and being a mother on- as well as off-screen.


Before you played Xo, you got your begin acting in soap operas. How was that experience various from your function on "Jane the Virgin"?


Soap operas I liken too camp for TELEVISION acting. It's really busy. They anticipate you to get it down in, like, 1 or 2 takes. There's a lots of dialogue. You can obtain your manuscript a week beforehand, but you're still firing the present episode. I would certainly go to function-- I 'd possibly exist eight to 10 hrs-- then I 'd go home, consume dinner and also learn my lines for the following day, falling asleep, rise the following day, as well as do it around again. It was type of grueling in some cases. I spent a lot of my time learning my lines.


You needed to be truly prepared, due to the fact that they really desired you to obtain it in a couple of takes. You didn't have time to do several takes. In some cases, if you did a poor take, on the third or 4th time they would certainly just carry on and they 'd keep it. You would certainly want your stuff to be high quality, so you needed to check your p's and q's. One of the important things I did pick up from the experts on "One Life to Live" was that if you didn't like your take, you really did not such as the way it was going, in the center of a take you might toss a curse word out, and after that they most definitely could not utilize it. [Chuckles]

So, I'm presuming there's not a whole lot of that on the set of "Jane.".


That's not a problem. We have the deluxe of takes. Although there's lots of cursing, also. But it's not since we're trying to save ourselves, it's even more-- you get disappointed, or whatever.


Exists anything you gained from daytime soap that you offered the show?


Just work ethic. I wouldn't say I learned anything concerning acting on daytime drama. I discover more when I do a play. I generated and also performed in a play in New york city this summer season, and I did it because it had actually been a couple of years since I had actually remained in an acting class and also I seemed like I needed a reboot.


" Jane the Virgin" is, at its heart, regarding the connections in between Jane, Xo and Abuela. What has it been like playing part of this all-woman family dynamic?


It's been truly equipping for me as a Latina and also as a female to be on a show that is led by a female, who additionally takes place to be a mommy. And then to deal with Gina and also Yvonne, who I venerate. Exactly what they offer the table is unbelievable. Whenever we have scenes together, it resembles family. Although that's exactly what we're playing, we simply click. There's a chemistry there. Those are points you can't develop. I pick up from each of them, viewing them do their point, I learn how to be a better starlet.


Which chemistry certainly discovers on the program. How, in your opinion, is Xo various from other TELEVISION mommies?


She's not ... like me, the genuine mother that I am, who sets limits, develops guidelines, attempting to protect them. Xo does shield Jane, however they're a lot more like sis. That's just how it's various. It's practically like "Gilmore Girls," which Jennie Urman was an author on. She has actually brought "Gilmore Girls" up a number of times in our conversations of our characters.


What I like concerning Xo is that she really attempts to be the best mama that she could-- like any kind of mommy, truly-- you just have the devices that you have. But at the exact same time, she's flawed, as well as susceptible, and lively. I love all those aspects of her.


And do you bring your own experiences as a mommy right into exactly how you approach playing her?


A little. It's amusing since I will obtain tweets from followers, or I've also had a few fans come near me and claim to me, "I want you were my mommy." And it's flattering on one hand, yet on the various other hand it damages my heart since I do not have that connection with my child, that's 12. It's a hard age. I want I could be my child's close friend however I cannot. That dynamic that Xo has with Jane ... I do not assume that's gon na occur up until perhaps my child's in university.


You discussed this a little already, but exactly what's one of the most fun component about playing Xo?


I also love my scenes with Rogelio [De La Vega, played by Jaime Camil] due to the fact that we just have so much fun. Yet on the various other hand, I actually like those intimate, heart-to-heart scenes in between me as well as Jane as well as me and Alba. And also I get to sing and dance! Yesterday we recorded, for Episode 6, a dancing fight in between me as well as Rogelio.


Are there other-- not looters, in itself-- yet details you can share from the upcoming season?


They never ever inform us, truly. Xo has an ex-lover who comes on the scene, that she was crazily in love with. He truly tinkered [Xo] when we were dating, and also apparently he had been married as well as I didn't recognize. He returns, as well as he is the star who played the spouse of Eva Longoria on "Desperate Homemakers." I fulfilled him for the first time the other day, we invested the entire day together-- actually good man. He fit right into our household, which most individuals do, since it's just that type of collection. We like whoever concerns have fun with us. We had an excellent day yesterday. He's the new point that's occurring in Xo's life.

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