Friday, June 22, 2018

Research: Unhealthy Dating Cause Depression to Acne

Research: Unhealthy Dating Cause Depression to Acne


When you feel that you've been in on a bad date, it's good no longer need to continue. If maintained, then there is a health hazard lurking. In a recent study revealed that people who are trapped in a bad date have an impact on emotional and physical health problems. The study, conducted by the eHarmony matchmaking website, found that both men and women who were trapped in unhealthy dates triggered stress, depression, and acne. In the study, 30 percent of people felt depressed and one fourth felt more anxious. Another 14% said they did not want to date someone after having a bad experience with others.


From the study also revealed that 10% of them have appetite disorder, where the appetite is increasing. Unhealthy dating even affects the skin condition. A total of 6% stated that their skin becomes acne after being in an uncomfortable romance relationship. An unhealthy courtship case can cause stress. Stress triggers the hormone testosterone in men and women increases which means it can stimulate the oil glands, eventually arising is a pimple. It also correlates with increased appetite, says psychologist from eHarmony, Dr. Linda Papadopoulos. Then, what's in a bad dating category? Among these are the absence of vibrations of love or chemistry, lacking personality, being harsh, drunk and talking about the former that makes dating feel bland. Papadopoulos recommends people who have had a bad dating experience to be able to move on immediately. Accept the fact that not all things work well. The journey to a meaningful relationship does take time to get to know yourself and know what you like and dislike, Dr. Papadopoulos. (kik / eny)


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