Monday, November 7, 2016

Glad for Weight Down, Girl Turns It

Glad for Weight Down, Girl Turns It
 A year ago, Jemma Doran willing to do anything to change his size become more slender. Jemma is overweight with a body size of 22, his weight reached 102 kg and a height of about 153 cm. He has done many things, from a strict diet, abstain from junk food, to sports, to achieve body weight langsing.Berat then dropped quickly and he was very happy because he felt he succeeded. He was busy buying new clothes smaller and confident with this new look will soon get pasangan.Tapi, a year later his weight shrunk to a size 8. She was 28 years old then suffered from health problems which was caused due to tonsil cancer that has spread to lung-parunya.Jemma sure if any cancer can be detected early on, maybe he can do the treatment that the cancer was already spreading. "" I keep thinking if only that time I desperately diet, perhaps my cancer can be known from the beginning and the treatment is successful, "" katanya.Karena diet accomplishments, Jemma ignore cancer signs such as weight loss suddenly. He had went to the doctor complaining of pain and swelling in the throat. Sometimes he also felt pain when menelan.Awalnya doctors thought he was sick tonsils and gave him antibiotics. Sore throat come and go, but in general he felt his body healthy. But a few months later he had pain in his throat is getting worse and back and forth to the hospital. Again he was only diagnosed with the infection alone. He was finally admitted to the hospital because her throat swell and continue to take care of. Biopsy showed he was suffering from cancer. "" It is ironic, since my first dream has thin body and now I managed to lean but very sick, ' "he said. He continues to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to the lungs and breast bone. Doctors even refer to cancer can not be cured anymore.
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GejalaKanker tonsil is one of the cancers of the head and neck. This cancer develops in the part of the throat behind the mouth, called the oropharynx. The greatest risk factor of cancer are smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol also increases the risk. Cancer of the tonsils is also related to the HPV virus. The symptoms to watch is a pain in the back of the mouth that does not heal, enlarged tonsils on one hand, there is blood in the saliva, difficulty swallowing or talking, throat swelling, could not consume food or drinks acidic, pain in the ear, and bad breath.
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