Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight 31 Kg in 3

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight 31 Kg in 3
 Excess body weight is not only detrimental to the appearance but also the health. It is also felt by Ricky Darmawan (27). Has a weight of about 170 cm and weight reached 125 kg, Ricky realized he had to seriously lose weight. Various methods of diet does not provide kesuksesan.Ricky claimed to have tried dieting OCD-style Deddy Corbuzier, acupuncture, and even a special training program in the fitness center. However, the results are less satisfying. "" Nearly US $ 10 million I spend, time is also wasted. But diets that do not provide a sense of comfort, even tortured, though the decline was not as expected, '' said the man who worked as a wedding planner (wedding organizer) ini.Tak want to despair, he then interested in trying to follow a weight loss competition held by the Lighthouse clinic. For 3 months, since July 2014 the 20 finalists will get 10 times the consultation sessions and two workshops were filled by nutritionists and psychologists. Ricky and finalists not only given education about which foods should be avoided or consumed occasionally, but also taught to make the design of the diet. Broadly speaking, in three months the participants must follow the five principles of the diet; namely eating when the stomach is hungry, not for hungry eyes; avoiding sugar, flour, and oil; in a day may not violate the rules of diet one but it that does not infringe; choose wisely menu and choose the best; prioritizing new protein carbohydrates. "" This competition provides many methods of diet that is easy to implement, so as not to burden the dieters, "" said Ricky.Walau so he claimed at first also encountered obstacles. "" Initially they like tempting to eat regular food. But after two weeks turned out to be easy anyway to follow, "" sustained ujarnya.Motivasi make Ricky finally managed to lose weight up to 31 kilograms. "" Now I feel much healthier, '' he said. Of the 20 finalists were there, the sets and then filtered to 10 finalists. Ricky himself eventually became champion 1, Rev. Septia (25) into 2nd place with a total weight loss of 19.2 kg from 82.7 kg, and Larasaty Aprilia (25) rated three with a weight loss of 17.3 kg of 81, 9 kg. "" All the effort and hard work has been done all participants, not because the reward offer but indeed to live a healthy life with an ideal body weight, "" said Ricky.Setiap winners not only get a more ideal body but also got a gift savings from Bank Mandiri, voucher healthy food products and participation in the fitness center, as well as being an ambassador for Lighthouse clinic. (Monica Erisanti)

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