Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Secret Beauty and Fit Kate Middleton After

Secret Beauty and Fit Kate Middleton After Childbirth
 - When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of St.Mary's Hospital, London with their baby girl Charlotte, worldview only directed to the princess: Cathrine. Wearing a white dress decorated with small flowers are yellow, Kate looked gorgeous and public memukau.Reaksi almost the same, she looks amazing for a woman who 10 hours ago has just delivered a baby weighing 3.7 kilograms. How is this possible? Women who have given birth normally just remember feeling tired after childbirth. Energy seemed drained and the only one who wanted to do was sleep and beritirahat. She could appear to glow as if coming out of the salon is actually not impossible. He had a lot of help; hairdressers who come directly to the hospital after she gave birth; designer who creates beautiful clothes to disguise her stomach and accentuate slender legs. Suffering from severe nausea and vomiting (hyperemesis gravidarum) in early pregnancy can not make her food intake too much. No wonder if he does not gain weight too drastic. But actually the princess had another reason to smile. Kate has a team of doctors and midwives continue to monitor the condition of pregnancy. She also gave birth to two hours after arriving at the hospital with a normal delivery. No wonder if he could stand directly in front of the media 10 hours after persalinan.Calon professor of obstetrics at the University of Western Sydney Hannah Dahlen said the presence of an attentive midwife during pregnancy and childbirth is the most important factor to discount positive birth experience and self-recovery with excellent.We know Kate handled by the same midwife during pregnancy and the care giving experience a positive pregnancy and childbirth without any problems, said Dahlen.Bidan who know the condition of our bodies will also make pregnant women feel safe, relaxed, and can giving birth without any intervention medis.Sangat important for obstetricians who are ready if needed, but recovery after delivery will be much faster if there is no intervention during childbirth, katanya.Dahlen said he was not surprised to see how Kate was very relaxed and happy when leaving hospital less than 12 hours after melahirkan.Cara Kate down from the ladder and carry the baby indicates she did not experience trauma during childbirth, ujarnya.Ia added, after a smooth delivery woman's body will be flooded with the hormone of love, namely oxytocin. This hormone will give a feeling of being connected and very helpful in the process of breastfeeding. This hormone will make much in love with the baby's mother, and the newborn is in love with his mother, ujarnya.Tapi of course, behind her glamorous appearance, he also must have sensed what was experienced by every woman after childbirth, the pain from uterine contractions and perhaps a bit shaky legs when running using high heels. But Kate through the delivery smoothly, an experience that can be experienced by every woman. manfaat pelangsing green coffee

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