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Shhh! This Trick Success Make Eka Rini Weight Down 15 Kg

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Shhh! This Trick Success Make Eka Rini Weight Down 15 Kg

    Jakarta - With a height of 161 cm and 68 kg body weight, Eka Rini Meitari (21) admitted was not confident. All the clothes he had felt a lot that is not suitable for use again. He was determined to change.Eka looking for information about healthy lifestyles to lose weight. Until finally he made his own 'diet journal', which then managed to make his weight down from 68 kg to 53 kg within 8 months. Here's the story of his diet, as written detikHealth on Thursday (9/3/2017): Hello everyone, introduce me Eka Rini who has managed to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle. I want to tell and share my diet experience here because many friends even people who do not know contact me from social media to ask healthy diet tips.All started from December 2015 just when I was 19 years old. At that time I've tried several times diet, but always failed. The diet I tried to apply ranging from organizing what was eaten, set meal hours and reduce the portion of the meal. Many succeed, but after that the effect does not last long. I feel that time is too fat and the crisis is more confident. My clothes also began to feel less fit in the body. I was determined to convince myself to change the healthy lifestyle and expect the weight to go down. I started in January 2016 by making a 'Journal Diet', which contains my regular meal schedule without snack like baisa. At that time I lost weight 5 kg. But because it is less visible, I try to arrange it back at once with the sports schedule. One key to my diet is not to eat fried foods. Here's my meal schedule: - Morning (at 07.00): 4 tablespoons oatmeal + honey- Afternoon (at 12:00): Rice 5 spoon + side dish + vegetables- Evening (7 pm): 4 tablespoons oatmeal + honey- Snack: Fruit / wheat biscuits- Drink: Unsweetened mineral / tea water For sports, in the morning or evening I usually choose to run, yoga or other exercises. After applying a pattern like this I managed to lose weight to 53 kg. Until now I still apply a healthy lifestyle and still take the time to exercise. By implementing a lifestyle like today I can donate blood 4 months, as well as routine medical check up. The condition of my body feels fit, I also do not experience crisis confidence again. Never despair and expect a short process for maximum results. If it had failed to come back again try. My message, do not forget to make diet journal to avoid failure. Excitement for all who want to try to apply a healthy lifestyle! Read also: So Pudgy After Childbirth, Here's Litany Trick Lower Weight 25 Kg (ajg / vit)


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